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Brochure/Advert Design

The majority of any businesses marketing budget is spent on advertising in local newspapers, magazines and brochures. Therfore, ensuring that your business is portayed in the right right way is parramount. Thanet Web Design have worked in conjunction with Community Ad and The Thanet Business Guide to create their customer's adverts.

Thanet Web Design know the importance of having an advert that makes an impressive first opinion. We are able to listen to your needs and make suggestions on improving your advert.

At Thanet Web Design, we use the same formula many top designers use. The formula is called "AIDA".

Attention - Your advert needs to attract peoples attention, this can be done in various ways.

Interest - Now you have your customers attention, you now need to create an interest in your business/services

Desire - Once you have captivated an interest, you now need your customers to desire your products/services. There is a big difference between being interested and having a desire.

Action - Now that your customer desires your product/services, they need a call to action. Your advert needs to set out clearly how they can contact you or take you up on any offers you may have offered in the advert.

Once the attention of the reader has been grabbed, the advertisement should show the benefits of the product or service on offer. It needs to address the needs, desires and fears, whilst communicating the benefits of what you have to offer. Nobody will buy a product until they have understood how it will benefit them.