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Logo Re-Creation

Many companies already have a company branding and a recognisable logo. Because many companies do not have access to the original logo file, they substitute a high resolution logo with a low quality image of their logo. Low quality images may appear pixilated and may decrease the quality of any artwork or company stationary with it in.

What We Can Do

Here at Thanet web design, we will recreate your logo from practically any quality of image that you supply us and in some case we can recreate it straight from the company materials you supply is with. For only £30 we will recreate your logo for you as close as we possibly can, once the logo has been recreated we will issue you with a variety of printable formats. All files that we supply from the re-creation service are produced at a minimum of 300dpi which is suitable for both proffessional and home printing, if you require a lower resolution we are able to do this at request at no additional charge.

At Thanet Web Design we pride ourselves on the quality of work we produce. If we do any art work for you and you supply a poor quality image as a logo, we will recreate it it for you FREE of charge. If you would like to purchase the recreated logo from Thanet Web Design which was created due to other work you required, we will offer the re-creation service at a reduced rate of only £20